October 2017 Hansen’s Quarterly Charity Draw

Congratulations to Keith Congdon, Halifax based Auto handler, who won the random Charity Lottery this quarter!

As our company grows, it becomes increasingly important to give back to our communities. With this in mind, in 2014 we started an employee lottery. All of our employees with more than one year of service are entered into a quarterly draw. The draw is completely random and not at all performance based. The winner chooses a registered charity or organization that is important to them, and Hansen’s supports this with a $2500.00 donation.

Keith has asked us to support the Colchester Community Workshop.  This Truro, NS program has been providing vocational skills development and personal growth assistance to adults with intellectual disabilities since 1999.  This program is particularly special to Keith as they support a family member.

For more info on their programs or events visit http://colchestercommunityworkshops.com/

Celebrating Hansen’s Toyota Canada Kaizen Excellence Award 2012!

Hansen’s is very proud to share with you our 2012 Kaizen Excellence Award presented by Toyota Canada, earned for our success in the implementation of Wireless Driver Computing & Reporting systems!   The Wireless program reflects the very definition of Kaizen – Continuous Improvement – and there is more to come as we improve and enhance!

The wireless program has created significant benefits for Hansen’s and all of our customers, Toyota included.  The program provides numerous benefits and increased efficiencies in a number of areas including faster SLA reporting,  the reduction of paper waste which lessens our negative impact on the environment, and the increased efficiency in the handling & processing of remaining paper loads in the office.
Well done team!