Hansen’s Announces Memorial Educational Fund Recipients

Maire Campbell Memorial Education Fund and Suzanne Payne Memorial Education Fund. 

Maire Campbell and Suzanne Payne were an integral part of Hansen’s growth and history.  With more than 20 years of experience each at Hansen’s, their work ethic and devotion to their children and grandchildren was unparalleled.

We felt there could be no better way to honour their memories than investing in the success and future of the children of Hansen’s staff.

2015 is the second year Hansen’s is proud to offer these two education funds in their memory to assist our employees and their children to reach their higher education goals and build the most successful future possible for themselves.

This year, 5 applications were received for only 2 scholarships, each one impressive.

Congratulations to our winners!

2015 Maire Campbell Memorial Education Fund – Dwight Hordyk

Dwight Hordyk is finishing his second year at Ottawa University where he is working towards a Civil Engineering degree.

Dwight is the son of Toronto Car Hauler, Duane.

2015 Suzanne Payne Memorial Education Fund – Karina Branje

Karina Branje is just finishing her first year at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, where she will earn her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Environment, Sustainability, and Society. This is her second year receiving one of our education fund awards.

Karina is the daughter of our Toronto Dispatch Supervisor, Carol.

Each will receive $5,000 to support their educational goals in 2015.

We wish all of the applicants success!


Hansen’s Quarterly Charity Draw

Hansen’s Gives Back

Congratulations to Ken Wood, one of our Winnipeg based Car Carrier owner/operators.  Ken won the random Charity Lottery this quarter!  He has requested that the $2500.00 be donated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.  Although fortunate to have never needed their services, Ken hopes this donation will help children and families who do.

As our company grows, it becomes increasingly important to give back to our communities. With this in mind, in 2014 we started an employee lottery. All of our employees with more than one year of service are entered into a quarterly draw. The draw is completely random and not at all performance based. The winner chooses a registered charity or organization that is important to them, and Hansen’s supports this with a $2500.00 donation.

Vehicle Carrier of the Year 2014

Hansen’s is extremely proud to receive the Toyota Carrier of the Year Award for the 2nd year in a row.
Thanks and Congratulations to all of our dispatchers and drivers who work hard everyday to ensure Safe, On Time, Damage Free delivery.
This is the 5th time we have received this prestigious award.
Carrier of the Year program considers rail, marine, parts and finished vehicle carriers.Toyota Carrier of the Year 2014

Shipping a Car from Canada to the U.S.

Shipping a car from Canada to the U.S. can be a long-drawn process. That is why most people, who are relocating to the U.S., prefer professional auto shipping services to handle this rather tedious process. There are several specialized auto shipping companies that offer top-notch service, reliable delivery, high quality vehicle care and exceptional security while taking your car across the border.

The Right Documentation is a Must

When shipping a car from Canada to the United States, documentation is extremely important. This facilitates the process and ensures it runs smoothly. Usually, there are certain documents that the vehicle owner has to provide the shipping company and thereafter the company handles everything.

Some of the documentation you would have to provide is as follows:

  • US Customs 3299 Form: This form has to be filled out completely and is meant for free entry of unaccompanied articles. Make sure in the Description of Merchandise, you fill out the year of the vehicle, make of the vehicle, model number and VIN of the vehicle. The form should be duly signed and dated before being handed over to the shipping company.
  • Passport Copy: Scanned, high resolution copy of your passport is a must. The page which contains your photograph is what the shipping company needs to get the vehicle across the border.
  • Vehicle Ownership Document: A scanned copy of vehicle ownership is also required by the shipping company to ensure your car reaches the United States without any hassles.

Other Important Documents

When bringing a vehicle into the United States that has been manufactured outside the country, you have to ensure the car conforms to the rules related to emissions, safety and bumper design. Hence, before shipping a car from Canada to the United States, it is mandatory to also fill out certain other forms and documents.

  •  EPA Form 3520-1: This form is to check for emission and the rating should conform to the one set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When filling out the form, make sure you put in the VIN, date of manufacture, make, model and other details of the car. This form can easily be downloaded from the EPA website.
  • NHTSA Safety Standards: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has certain rules regarding importing vehicles. The car should meet the motor vehicle safety standards prescribed by the federal government. This has to be done in the form of a declaration by the manufacturer and the said declaration should mention your car’s VIN.

Remember, there will be a customs fee for shipping a car from Canada to America. Presently, this fee is 2.5 percent. Furthermore, the shipping company would have to present the original bill of lading and the foreign registration of the vehicle. Since your vehicle is being shipped, you have to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle before shipping. This is because the belongings are not insured and can cause a problem for the driver.

Because of the difficult process of shipping a car from Canada to the U.S., it is best to hire a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable auto shipping company. This way you will have peace of mind knowing the shipping will go smoothly and your precious vehicle will reach its destination quickly.

A Guide to Shipping Vehicles across Canada

Shipping vehicles across Canada using professional automobile shipping companies is one of the most convenient ways to get vehicles from one city or town to another. Not only does it save time, it also prevents unnecessary wear of vehicle, high fuel costs and of course the mileage. Choose a reliable and trustworthy Canadian vehicle transport company that offers coast to coast service with strategically located compounds, door-to-door service and prompt delivery.

How to Ship Vehicles across Canada?

If you are relocating, there are two distinct ways of shipping vehicles across Canada. 

Reliable vehicle transport companies often partner with a railway, such as CP Rail. When you ship your vehicle by rail, it will be transported in enclosed rail cars. Obviously, enclosed rail cars are safer and offer higher security during the transit when rail cars are kept in fenced yards.

Auto shipping companies often have their own fleet of trucks and offer customers point-to-point services across Canada. The vast and superior road network across Canada makes shipping of vehicles across the country efficient and quick. Most shipping companies have regular truck departures and delivery times are guaranteed.

Tips to Ship Vehicles within Canada

Even though vehicle transport companies are experts in shipping vehicles across Canada, to ensure efficient and safe transportation and delivery you should work in conjunction with the shipping company. Here are some tips that will help facilitate the vehicle shipping process within Canada and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Service: Work with the carrier to choose the right service for you. If you live close to the compound or rail terminal, it is possible to save money by driving your vehicle there. If distance is a problem, allow the shipping company to pick up your vehicle from your residence or place of work.
  • Multiple Quotes: Get multiple quotes from shipping companies and ensure the quotes include insurance, taxes, fuel surcharge and other costs, so that you don’t get a shock later on. Give more credence to quotes that offer door-to-door services or terminal-to-terminal, based on your needs.
  • Select a Shipping Date: When shipping vehicles across Canada, shipping companies need a minimum of two to five days notice before the vehicle can actually be shipped. This time is used for arranging the shipping and making the payment.
  • Prepare the Vehicle: Prepare your vehicle for shipping by washing it, checking the tire pressure, topping up fluids, disarming the alarm systems and filling at least quarter tank of fuel. Remove loose items, GPS and other devices from the console and glove compartment. Make sure there are no valuables or belongings in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Inspection: The transport shipping company will inspect and document the condition of the vehicle before it is shipped.

Shipping vehicles across Canada is simple if you partner with an efficient and reliable auto transport company like Hansen’s. So select your carrier with care.

Hansen’s Branch Spotlight | Vancouver | Hansen’s

Hansen’s catches up with Vancouver

Vcr office Group 1-1

Hansen’s has 7 locations across Canada, including a branch in Vancouver British Columbia. We caught up with the Vancouver staff to discuss the shipping industry, what’s in the works, and what we have to look forward to in the near future.

What’s the best part about servicing your community in Vancouver?
Tough question… helping people who may end up becoming your neighbours. Every once in a while get to speak to a customer from the same home town and can chat a bit. Connections.

What do you enjoy about the shipping / relocation industry?
Dealing with a wide variety of people, businesses, and industries. learning the shipping business. Who would of though that Grade 10 geography would actually become a practical skill?

Where do you see car shipping and vehicle relocation going in the next 10 years?
More environmentally friendly technology, hybrids, electric cars, fuel efficiency gains.

What’s your fast growing service / route?
AB to BC mountain traffic

What new and exciting changes do you have planning for the coming future?
New office! New HandHeld computers for the drivers.

What new technologies are adding value to your customer relationship?
HH’s, Peoplenet (can tell customers exactly where a driver is), TMS tracking online, Google streetview.

What’s your favorite feel-good shipping story this year?
Amateur sport sponsorship: Peninsula Speed Skating Club in Victoria. Glenn Schwarz of Jim Pattison Group kids participate in the club.

Generally speaking, helping customers daily through a portion of stressful move. Taking car of the car move and communicating every step of the way helps them worry about one less thing during the move.

How will you give back to the community this year?
We are considering a food drive, collecting non-perishables to support the Vancouver Food Bank.

Progress at the Auto Compound

Before brand new vehicles get on a truck to the dealer, they are often  processed through an auto compound or distribution facility.  Hansen’s Forwarding’s sister company, Hansen’s Releasing operates 5 of these auto compounds in Canada, partnering with both Canadian Pacific Railway and Southern Railway of British Columbia.

Working at an auto compound is a Car Lover’s dream.  We see the new models before most others.  Our teams get to play an important part in the Global Automotive Supply Chain and work with automotive industry professionals from all over the world.

Auto compounds are very dynamic.  They are in constant change and movement as product arrives and is shipped, especially in peak months.  We use best practices from all of our compounds to lead the way to new industry standards.

Handling more than 500,000 vehicles annually is a delicate balance of fluidity and care.  Quality and damage-free handling is priority on the minds of our professional automotive handlers each and every day.

Our information systems provide us with the most up to the minute inventory details.  Handheld computers in the field reduces paper by more than 75%

In conjunction with our sister company, Hansen’s Releasing is the first compound operator in Canada to introduce electronic gate exits between car carrier and auto compound.  Further reducing the paper handling and streamlining the data captured at the time the vehicle leave the facility.

Investment in continued training programs for our team ensures new opportunities and career growth for our staff.  Improved quality of life for our employees is important.